Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunset on boy Scout Hill


The new wheel and tire are working out great. Bontrager it seems finally made a good 29er tire in the Team FR3. AMAZING!. am able to climb pretty much whatever i want now. In fact i am 4 for 4 on cub scout, and 3 for 4 on boy scout with the new combo. Normal for me was 20% and never on cub scout hill. Had a great TNFF this week, I got to cover the eastern trails before the ride then blew up big during the group ride, but what a blast. I was too tired to take any pictures so here are some landscape photos from the past week including the lead in to Boy Scout Hill. Turns out BSH is 82 foot gain in what i am guessing is about 1/8th mile. Tough. Also go the garage cleaned out and started work on the new XB safari rack, Waiting on mail order parts but should be done in under 2 weeks.


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