Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Prescott ride


I recently had the honor of heading up to Prescott to join some of my friends for a GREAT ride and evening. We all met up at Tom's "cabin" up in prescott. ( Very nice place Tom ). Tom had the ride all planned out for Ben, Matt, and myself. I forget the names of the trails, but I can tell you it was 18 miles of some GREAT singletrack in 70 deg air. Perfect! Everybody had a great time on the ride before grabbing some of the best "new york style Italian" food i have ever had. I went home that night but the guys stuck around for a road ride down the big hill and back. The drive home was also great, windows down and radio up the whole way again with cool temps all the way home.

For your entertainment.... some pictures of the ride

Friday, August 27, 2010

TNFF 08/28/10


Last night saw a HUGE turnout for the " Cool " 90 degree weather we had last night. It was a great group. I did not have my spedo last night but somebody said that we did over 15 miles. We hit 95% of fins, missing only northstar, and the bear claw to Murle's mile connector. I think there was well over 19 people that took the start. Here are some pictures from the night. I think that the one with the moonrise behind the group is my favorite night shot yet.


Weekday adventure


The heat has finally backed off a bit allowing some afternoon rides. Here are some pictures from the last week including a ride with Jim T. and the Wednesday night Dairy guys. The ride with Jim ended with an unfixable flat that had me hoofing it back to the cage. Enjoy...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flagstaff adventure


This weekend Amy and I got ourselves up to Flagstaff to try and beat the heat in the valley. It always happens to us this time of year where we are just fed up with the heat and need a break. We figured we would test out the new car to see how it will do on a good road trip. Amy got out of work early on friday so we were able to be on the road by 2. The drive was good, more traffic than i am used to on my weekday trips. The car ran great and held all of our junk. We got into town around 5.30. We did some window shopping before heading into the tourist district where we did more window shopping before grabbing dinner. Next we set out to find a camp spot. I had the camp off of 89A by sunset crater in mind. We got in there right around dark and got camp made before enjoying a fire and turning in for the night. It was a cool 50 something overnight. Perfect! In the AM we broke camp and went back into town for some breakfast at the village inn. The chef salad was great! Before leaving town we got some gas and got the first ever official gas usage check...... 220 miles on 6.5 gal! Even at 3$/gal it only cost 19$ to get to Flag. 33MPG!. On the way home we only used 1/4 tank. I ant wait to see what we get out of this tank. To compare, the Titan coat about 50$ to get to Flag. It was fun for sure. A great escape from the heat.

Some pictures from the trip...... Amy was tired when we got home, and i think Willow missed her.

TNFF 08/19/10


Thursday night saw yet another great thursday night ride hosted by Harvey. It was another HOT one, somewhere around 108. This week we took off for the eastern trails that we had worked on the week before. About 15 folks showed up to brave the heat. It was a good time to say the least. I will let the pictures tell the story of the ride.


Monday, August 16, 2010

P.A.W. Trail day


Yesterday I got out early to help with some trail work out on P.A.W. ( Park avenue, west ). Marc, Harvy and myself left from Harvy's house a little after 8am. It was already in the mid 90's by then. I think the overnight low was 90. When we made it to the top of P.A.W. we ran into Lorne and John. We did about an hours worth of work near the top. I thought it was a great trail before, now it is great! I sweat so much that my feet squished when i walked because there was so much sweat in them. On the way out Harvy got an unfixable flat. He took the Pug back to his house to get his truck and I pushed his bike in that direction. It was a nice change to slow down and walk some of those trails. There is allot missed whizzing down a trail at 12 mph. Harvy was back in no time with a cold grape soda. Good times!

For your entertainment..... Some trail work pictures.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

out with the new, in with the old


Yesterday, I traded in the Titan for a more economical car. Got myself a used.... pre owned Scion XB 2005 model. It is the same thing i had bought new back in 2005. If i had kept that car, i would have just finished paying for it and it would have about one billion miles. This one has a scant 80k. Nothing for a toyota. We are now a 2 XB family. James is going to come over for dinner tonight. Amy suggested that we get some food to munch on. I suggested crackers, cheese, and salami. She said " that's too fancy" . It sounded like a redneck joke to me. Ha Ha ha ,,,,

For your viewing pleasure the new and the old..........

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Midnight Century


Saturday night myself, Rhino, Steve, and Matt got out for the west valley midnight century. We left out of Buckeye at 11pm. The weather was perfect! We had a great time. We got back into Buckeye at 7AM. We got 75 miles for the night. This one is going to be an annual epic for sure.

For your entertainment....... some pictures from Saturday night.