Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flagstaff adventure


This weekend Amy and I got ourselves up to Flagstaff to try and beat the heat in the valley. It always happens to us this time of year where we are just fed up with the heat and need a break. We figured we would test out the new car to see how it will do on a good road trip. Amy got out of work early on friday so we were able to be on the road by 2. The drive was good, more traffic than i am used to on my weekday trips. The car ran great and held all of our junk. We got into town around 5.30. We did some window shopping before heading into the tourist district where we did more window shopping before grabbing dinner. Next we set out to find a camp spot. I had the camp off of 89A by sunset crater in mind. We got in there right around dark and got camp made before enjoying a fire and turning in for the night. It was a cool 50 something overnight. Perfect! In the AM we broke camp and went back into town for some breakfast at the village inn. The chef salad was great! Before leaving town we got some gas and got the first ever official gas usage check...... 220 miles on 6.5 gal! Even at 3$/gal it only cost 19$ to get to Flag. 33MPG!. On the way home we only used 1/4 tank. I ant wait to see what we get out of this tank. To compare, the Titan coat about 50$ to get to Flag. It was fun for sure. A great escape from the heat.

Some pictures from the trip...... Amy was tired when we got home, and i think Willow missed her.

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  1. Amy does NOT look happy. What did you do Jimmy???