Monday, August 16, 2010

P.A.W. Trail day


Yesterday I got out early to help with some trail work out on P.A.W. ( Park avenue, west ). Marc, Harvy and myself left from Harvy's house a little after 8am. It was already in the mid 90's by then. I think the overnight low was 90. When we made it to the top of P.A.W. we ran into Lorne and John. We did about an hours worth of work near the top. I thought it was a great trail before, now it is great! I sweat so much that my feet squished when i walked because there was so much sweat in them. On the way out Harvy got an unfixable flat. He took the Pug back to his house to get his truck and I pushed his bike in that direction. It was a nice change to slow down and walk some of those trails. There is allot missed whizzing down a trail at 12 mph. Harvy was back in no time with a cold grape soda. Good times!

For your entertainment..... Some trail work pictures.

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