Friday, August 27, 2010

TNFF 08/28/10


Last night saw a HUGE turnout for the " Cool " 90 degree weather we had last night. It was a great group. I did not have my spedo last night but somebody said that we did over 15 miles. We hit 95% of fins, missing only northstar, and the bear claw to Murle's mile connector. I think there was well over 19 people that took the start. Here are some pictures from the night. I think that the one with the moonrise behind the group is my favorite night shot yet.


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  1. 25 last night -- I tallied them all up this morning -- and a REALLY, REALLY-FUN ride!

    Jimbo' played "Tour-Guide," and led us all-around FINS (at a Quick-Rate too!).

    Very, VERY Fun ~ and the Grape-Sodas and Beer post-ride were darn-welcome too!

    * If you made it out last night -- Thanks for cruising out; if you missed-it, you SO missed-out!