Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AZT 300 prep starts this new year


The decision has ben made to give the AZT 300 bike race a go this year, The 300 is an "underground" bike race covering the fist 300 miles of the Arizona trail, starting near the mexican border south of Tucson going north through Tucson and further north. The record for the race is 2 days, 9 hours. I dont think i will be that fast, but i will give it my best. Anyway, the new year will start the prep for the miles involved. It will be much like my divide prep. The event is mid April, about 3 months away. Thats the plan anyway. Anybody with me? Rhino? Jim? Harv? Nick?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elliot market boy scout hill 20


Yesterday, Nick, Rhino and myself got out fro a great ride. We all met at the Elliot market at 9. Our route took us for a grand loop of the eastern trails. About the only thing we did not catch was trail 18, and the coldwater. We had a great time with perfect weather. All 3 of us were able to clean PAW including Rhino on his full rigid SS!!!!!! The best part was being able to take the guys on a "secret" trail for the first time. They would say that i would call it my favorite trail.... Stats... about 20 miles and 1900 ft gain.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Amys first ride at F.I.N.S

Amy and I got out to FINS the other day on BICYCLES...... I think she had a good time, she tells me to get my own bike.....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Thanksgiving weekend we got over to Tumco again to meet the folks, my sister, and my Aunt & Uncle. Dad and i went for another tour of the Cargo Muchacho mountains..

Amy's 5K

A couple weeks back amy entered into her fist ever 5k run at the Iorngirl Tempe. Amy did great finishing mid pack. followed by a spectacular finish line vomit session!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Halloween and Laughlin


Here are some pictures from halloween and out trip to Laughlin... All were fun.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More from Moab

Yesterday i got a photo CD in the mail from Steve from Moab. Here are a few of yours truly..

Monday, October 25, 2010

100 more feet


Today i went back out to the Oasis to cut some more trail, The first time since last spring. Jim had been out a few times and got some serious work done. Although we are in some rocky country and going is slow, I think that we will have a loop done by the end of the year. If we could get some help out there we could get it done in 2 weeks. I think this is going to be a one way trail until it gets ridden quite a bit. Check out the newest 100".

Guilty dogs / TNFF


Work sure gets in the way of having fun. Last Thursday was another great TNFF (thursday night Fun Feast) . I only got a couple photos cause somehow Harvey and myself got split from the group of almost 22 people and did the ride by ourselves looking for somebody. We went non stop for a long time before finding the others on exposure of all places. We had a great time. Also, last night i thought i might bake some brownies, and the dogs thought they would like them after bed time. I woke up when the pan hit the floor. Here are some guilty dog pictures.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Estrella Epic


Finally, A real cool day here in Arizona. There was a 50% chance of rain today and temps in the high 70's. I was hoping to get caught in the rain, but when you want it you never seem to get it. None the less it was a great ride that included FINS, Secret, Toothhaker, Pedestrian, Gasden, Butterfield, dysart, the horse arena, unknown, toothhaker, secret, Park ave west where i got a flat. ( TNT stans is not as good as real stans ) past harvs, to the corget trail, to fins, to the rusty rake to mars meander, to my car. I did not take a spedo or gps, but i am guessing about 35 miles and took 4.15 with a flat fix.

For your entertainment
me and a tree got in a fight, my stans monster, final resting place of a cacti, and some other stuff.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

quartz peak day


I have ben slacking on the photos lately. I got the camera all charged up and back on my pack so get ready. Yesterday I took of in search of quartz peak located far south in the Estrella range, think closer to Mobile than Goodyear. I was going on what I could see on google earth. One thing GE wont tell you is what the roads are like and where fences are. Turns out, most of the roads i was counting on were super sandy, and the park has a pretty stout fence around it. Not a huge deal. None the less i had a great time. I took off from FINS and made my way out there. I did not find the peak trailhead, i thought i was close but i think i was about 3 miles away. I got about 30 miles in on the trip, mostly bushwhacking around the sandy roads. It was a blast.

Cheers- JF