Tuesday, October 19, 2010

quartz peak day


I have ben slacking on the photos lately. I got the camera all charged up and back on my pack so get ready. Yesterday I took of in search of quartz peak located far south in the Estrella range, think closer to Mobile than Goodyear. I was going on what I could see on google earth. One thing GE wont tell you is what the roads are like and where fences are. Turns out, most of the roads i was counting on were super sandy, and the park has a pretty stout fence around it. Not a huge deal. None the less i had a great time. I took off from FINS and made my way out there. I did not find the peak trailhead, i thought i was close but i think i was about 3 miles away. I got about 30 miles in on the trip, mostly bushwhacking around the sandy roads. It was a blast.

Cheers- JF

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