Friday, January 7, 2011

Photo contest Baja Designs


Last night was Yet another Fun, but cold Thursday Night Fun Feast ( TNFF ). About 12 folks showed up to brave the 40 deg temps to attack the recently sanitized eastern trails. It was a good time had by all. Unfortunately for me, I lost my light battery on the drive over. My EOS headlamp did a good job, but i sure did miss the big light of the old magicshine. When i got home i got on the net to research a new light. I had always had an interest in the Baja designs new light. Having dome work for them years ago i know that they make GREAT products. As fate may have had it, they are having a night time photo contest, the winner gets a new light! Just so happens that i have an extensive collection of night time shots. I submitted a few photos. They put them on there Facebook page for you to vote on If you get a chance and you have a Facebook account please drop by
and vote for my photos, or on the others if you think they are better.....

Update... This morning i took a drive to try and find my battery. I found it... it is busted
but i think I may be able to get it working again?


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