Monday, March 7, 2011

Look out for cacti

Here are some form the other day. Amy and I got out and ran into Harvey and Nick out on the trail. We chatted a bit then split up. We later found a fresh impression that looked allot like Harvey in a cacti. Turns out he was checking it out to see if it was cozy. He said it was not. Also.. here is a fun video of some of the harder to make sections of the park.


1 comment:

  1. IF there is "Cholla" ANYWHER in your name:
    - Pencil Cholla,
    - Jumping-Cholla,
    - Grandpa-Cholla,
    - etc.

    I HATE YOU!!!

    That Pencil that I literally FELL OVER ONTO / into really, really sucked!
    Just last night (April 1st), I still got another-needle that Festered-Out.