Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Gooseberry Mesa trip


Last week i got myself up to the St. George area for a great spring bike trip. Although i invited Many, Many of folk only Rodney and Ron made it out from Diego for all the fun that was to be had. On the way in i rode the famous Zen trail and the green valley loop in St. George. They were a bunch of fun but did not live up to the hype. I made it up on the mesa just after dark. After some driving around i found a place to make camp, turns out it was the same great place we stayed last fall. I threw up the hammock and fell fast asleep. In the middle of the night i was woke up by a few dozen cows with bells that had come to drink from the puddle just outside my camp, kinda funny. The next morning Rodney and Ron arrived, we quickly got ready and went right out on the Gooseberry classic trail, one of the best trails in all the land.... Moab included. After lunch we took a nap then went out again. This time we poached some local trails.... Oh man, i can see why they hide them..... Honestly...... the finest trail i have ever ridden..... ever.... it was a pure mountain bike trail...... Amazing!!!! That night i got the big idea to sleep on the ledge by camp..... Awesome!!! The next day we rode the Jem trail +. We took a couple wrong turns that took us to some spectacular places. Almost 30 miles on the day on the most diverse trail, and beautiful trails i have yet to ride. another must do.... The last morning, we wanted a short ride so we could get out early so we checked out the windmill trail.... that turned into rocks and ledges.... into... yellow.... into.... pratice......into....... south rim.......into....white....... Another AMAZING trail. Soon after i was going home.... another great trip....



  1. Great Picts Jimbo -- like always!

    While we / I missed ya' riding Western-Phoenix last week, glad you had a chance to ride Gooseberry. Jem Trail is fun!

    Maybe see ya' at the Whiskey this weekend?

  2. Looks like a great time. Wish I could have ridden Coco and St George.