Wednesday, April 6, 2011

up the luge


Lately there has been quite the buzz about going UP the luge trail. Typically a down hill, it is also fun to go up. So today i thought i might record the effort. Beware, there are some spots that are so fast you may be at risk of a seizure. The action begins just after the coyote trail.

Enjoy- JF


  1. VERY NICE buddy!

    I've STILL NOT done the whole-thing w/o re-doing-sections.
    Yeah, I HAVE cleaned "everything," but just not in one-run.


    Mid, or Granny up the 2 steep-hills?

  2. I think mid up to the first steep section, then granny the rest of the way. My team FR-3 tires and flow rims are awesome for traction. The real secret is the tunes in the ear buds. Nora Jones at the bottom, Jimmy Buffet at the top. James Taylor keeps me safe on the decent. Was a nice day to be out and about!