Friday, April 2, 2010

Big days

Training is going well. Last weekend mom and dad were here and i was tired so i took 4 days off to recover. It has seemed to be for the best, i feel good this week. My goal for this week is over 200 miles, got 75 the first two days. I hope to get 50 or more today. I am on my way to Banff, I bought a plane ticket, my adventure cycle maps, a map holder, a mont-bell UL down inner jacket that weighs a scant 7 oz. Today Amy and i are going to go look for rain gear.

On another note... the Boys and Girls from the Union L4311 surprised me yesterday with a check for $250 to help me out on my journey, Then later that day Dave and Pete threw in another 100 bucks.... I am speechless for once in my life. Thanks everyone! It means allot to me! It also helps allot. I hope to do you all proud!

I don't have a total on a total prep cost yet, but it it going up faster and faster. Before i go i will try to break down the total cost. Thus far with bags, sleep gear, tickets, maps, GPS, special clothing i am in for about $1200. This is just to get basic Bikepacking gear. I still need to fill my kit with some other specialized gear, tools and clothes. I keep trying to refine my kit in my head as i train with the gear, I don't like surprises on the trail. I hope i am totally dialed in by race day....... month.

I received an e-mail from Leighton White, a 2 time finisher of the TD and a Firefighter in Colorado. He has ben a big help. He brought up a great point that many guys although very strong developed race ending knee issues when they hit the big mountain passes because they were not used to either climbs, or sustained pedaling for hours on end like on hills or headwinds. I think the bulk of my las 2 months of training will be aimed at getting my knees ready for the challenge, so less singletrack and more big long climbs for me. Viva Yarnell!

For your entertainment, lights on secret and dad on a pug.


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