Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome friends, Tour Divide Plus

Thanks for stopping by and your support!

I am not an avid "Blogger" so please stay with me.. Anyway 7 days to Banff and 10 to the start. Everything is going great. Only one more day of work and i am home free. What is more cool is that our schedule is changing from 24 on 48 off to 48 on 96 off on the 11th of July, since i had up to the 13th off i now have till the 18th off. Ha. Cool. Anyway, i am just about ready with all my gear. I found out last week that my old sleeping bag that i thought was super-duper was in fact not. Lucky for me REI was having a big sale so amy and I broke out the old CC and drove on out there and got the "cool stuff ". Dropped about 2-3 Lbs off the load and saved a ton of space. On a kinda bummer note... My special bags i have ordered a while back will not be to me before i leave PHX. But.... they will be waiting for me in Banff, better late than never i guess. I really wanted to test them out a little before setting sail. Oh well this just adds a new dimension of adventure to this grand adventure. The cool part of getting the bags in banff is that there creator and innovator will be there to help fit and properly load them witch is cool because he is like a legend in the sport of ultra endurance bicycle events. Besides that... It is officially HOT in the Phoenix area now. All day training is out. This is OK, It fits into my training plans to taper off before the start. I think i got myself a great base built up and i hope it serves me well. Anyway, i will try to add a couple pictures to this. This is my bike and most of the stuff i am taking with me. Also is the TD poster. and a cool photo from Castner Mtn, between Flag and Sedona.

Thanks- jim

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  1. I love the gear! I didn't look at your Jandd frame bag too close the other day. I have the same bag. Since I have a smaller frame, my water bottle hits the Jandd bag when packed full. I want to weld a piece of aluminum on the back of the water bottle cage so I can mount the water bottle lower, but still use the same frame holes.