Monday, June 28, 2010

Frame bag frenzy


This sewing thing is cool. Today i finished my second frame bag for the original Pug frame. I think this one is much better than my first attempt. I learned allot on this one. I am sure the next one will be even better. I got a chance to use the 6L hydration pack i made in San Diego. I must say it is the most comfortable pack i have ever used. This is despite the massive weight of all the water in it. It wears very low and keeps the bulk of the weight below the belt line and on the flattest part of your back when riding keeping the weight off of your shoulders. Standing is not an issue either. I think i am going to try and make a more refined unit. The only place i can see that needs improvement is some kind of baffle in the bladder itself. I am going to look into fuel cell foam, but it obviously needs to be non toxic.

For your entertainment..... the new frame bag, all the frame bags, and the backpack, and a nice picture from the divide

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