Friday, June 25, 2010

Sad day on the tour divide

It is with great sorrow that i report the passing of a fellow divide racer Dave Blumenthal. Dave collided with a pickup truck on a narrow gravel road near steamboat springs in the morning hours a couple days ago. Police and EMS were on scene within 20 min of the accident. Dave was transported by air to a hospital in Denver where he was pronounced brain dead yesterday morning around 11 am. In one more great act of kindness Dave is being kept alive for organ donation. Dave leaves behind a wife and 4 year old girl. I feel very fortunate to have met Dave before the start of the race as we shared a dorm room at the Y on Banff. I was able to chat with him a couple of times. He seemed like a very fine fellow. There is a donation fund set up for his family, i will add the link when i get it off of the bikepacking site. This is a picture of Dave and his little girl taken sometime near the start of the race. is the website requested by the family for donations. Here is the newspaper story....

Here is Dave's personal blog, it wont take long to discover he was a good human being. Tragic loss.

I found this photo of us all at the start. Dave is 2 to my left in the green jacket. Between us is his buddy and my new friend Davis Trembley.

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