Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Humble Pie

Hey, Today was a prime example of why testing, knowing, and having the right equipment is key for a good ride. I set out at 0500 to get in the last long ride before i head off. The plan was to ride the canal to Goodyear then into FINS and meet up with Tony and Jim at 0630 at the eliot market. Right around the dog track i hear a hiss from my front tire, bummer. i waited to see if the stans would work. it would have if there was any left. I had not added any for some time and was waiting until i swapped in my race tires and stems, that stuff is expensive. Anyway i put my new tube in and took off, i still had time to catch them if i put the hammer down. Within a mile it was flat again. Needless to say 7 patches, 1 tire iron, and 1.5 hours later i was headed for home. I still got 25 miles, but wanted 60-70 today. Oh well. Other lessons learned 1. I need a safety strap on the GPS, the mount is cheap. 2. I need to fix my shoe laces, they got wrapped around the pedal twice today, 3. always carry a tube with slime or stans in it, it is worth the weight, 4 bell glue-less patches SUCK!

Humble Pie......

there is ALWAYS somebody that has done it bigger, better, faster, the harder way, you name it. Always stay humble, cause it is true... here is proof.

simply amazing!

For your entertainment shadow drafting, and my broke tire.

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  1. Yep, the Glue-less patches SUCK!

    IF you're running Tubeless for your C.D.-Ride, Stans also sells smaller 1 oz. bottles too.

    Better to have learned "this lesson" this morning.

    Cheers man and "Give'm Hell, but be sure to HAVE FUN doing it!"