Friday, June 25, 2010

On a happy note

After i got home from the tour i made the commitment to learn how to sew. So i got an old singer machine off craigslist and went to work. In a week i have went through about 6 spools of thread and 10 plus yards of fabric. My big interest in sewing is to create new better camp and bike gear. Just like the motor mounts of the old days i am trying to make stuff i need that is not made commercially. In the pictures are a frame bag i made for my homemade pug, and a new hydration pack built to fit my large country ass, and keep me hydrated. It is made around a 6L MSR bladder. The largest bladder commercially available in a hydration pack is 3L or 100oz. Here in the desert southwest big fellers like myself need more water. this totals 1.5 gallons. I built it with the bulk of the weight below the belt line so that my hips would carry the weight and not my back. I am going to put it through its paces this weekend with the guys in San Diego. Further report to follow. My sewing is getting way better every day, but it still sucks.

For your entertainment, a leather cab-e hat i made for the dogs, my frame pack, and my backpack. Enjoy

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