Monday, June 7, 2010

T minus 4


It is getting close. I think i have everything done that needs to be done. Tony at Estrella Cycles took time out of his busy day today to help me squeeze my bike into a bike box for the plane ride. We also got a bunch of my gear in the box as well. My Smartwool jersey was waiting for me when i got home, so now i will not stink..... that bad. I got my last 30 miles in today on the canal. I feel good. I also got a final refinement to my sleep system attachment to the bike. Turns out a simple bungee cord and an old shoelace was the best and lightest and most secure option. Yesterday amy and I took a drive to the Pig downtown and got the only available set of GEAX TNT saguaro tires in Arizona. These tires have ben out of stock everywhere for some time. Just so happened that they took a new set off someone's bike cause they did not want them. Mom and Dad are on there way over to say i before heading to Colorado in there new rubber-tramp-mobile. I was contacted by Matt Lee, the major personality behind the tour divide to transport a few Spot devices with me to Banff. I expect them in the mail today. More tomorrow!

For your entertainment... A map of my favorite training ride i call the west valley monstercross, 40 to 55 miles of singletrack fun. Second is Dad riding Pugsley at Glamis. Finally is horseshoe bend near Page, Az

Enjoy- Chewbaccha

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