Friday, July 2, 2010

Big Ideas


Last night was the first Thursday night ride of July. It was HOTT. But we all had a great time. There was a great group despite the fact it had to be over 108, more like 112. Harvy AKA Brian had his brand new bike there, it was real nice. There were a few new folks there this week as well, i hope they had a good time. I wanted to ride ahead of everybody and capture some video and pictures for the site, but every time i would get in front of the group they would turn a different direction.... Most everybody reported 12-14 miles on the night. We all went to Harv's after for cold refreshments and Tony showed up from the shop. We got so dreaming about some big rides for the fall. Jim T. wants to ride the road across the US and got a couple others to buy in on the idea, Tony wants to start a Crit race and host an event at PIR, I have the crazy idea to try and make it from Buckeye to San Diego on the road in 24 hours, and or 2 days. Tony said he was in on the 2 day thing, Roman is down for whatever. It is going to be a fun fall. I was even able to plant the seed on others doing the divide race again next year. Also big plans to start the southwest bikepacking group. It looks like the first ride will be in october. we also made plans for Moab near the end of September. I think i may need more days off?

For your entertainment..... the new pack compared to my old MULE, My fire truck causing traffic, A sweet retro bike, and some folks riding harvs howl..... enjoy!

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