Friday, July 16, 2010



Last nights TNFF was the Hottest I can ever recall. It was 117 when I left my house. I still have a raging headache the next morning. By the end of the ride it had cooled down to a brisk 109 according to Harvy's computer. It was so hot that Harvy's nite rider lights batteries overheated and would not turn on. Most of the group got 12 miles in 1H 10M ride time. The spot tracker almost worked perfect except i did not manage to get it into tracking mode, i just sent an OK message. It is going to take some getting used to.

Go HERE to see what the third day of the tour divide was like that did me in.

Also, It sounds like the WV Midnight dirty century is A go. August 8th, at midnight. Go to the new southwest Bikepacking Group website for more info. Be sure to leave a comment to let us know you are in. Also be sure to sign up to follow the site so you can get all updates. There will also be a 40 or 60 mile option. you will need about 5-6 hours of lights.

For your entertainment..... some photos from the TNFF

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