Wednesday, July 14, 2010

thursday night fun fest


It has ben a whirlwind of so many activities since the 4th. so this will be a 3 part series broken into each activity. The first was last thursday night at Harvy's Fun! Fest. Harv never disappoints. The ride was fun as always despite 112 temps. Even RAYNE GREY made it out to say hello! we rode for just an hour, but what we lacked in time we made up for in speed. I think that was the fastest we have ever gone on the mile into boneyard and up huts donut. We was movin. Harv let everybody jump in his pool. That felt great! One guy managed to break his frame in a big way on this ride. Bench racing was great afterwords. Many more plans for ridiculous rides were thought of.

for your entertainment..... Rane, Jim, and the gang, A broken frame, and if it loads some action shots!

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