Wednesday, July 14, 2010

goodbye Tamone


Last weekend Amy and I made a whirlwind trip to SD again, this time our plan was to get Tamone ( Amys parrot ) to Margot on Ramona for a new place to live. we got out of Buckeye around 10 am Sat morning. The drive was nice and boring. Only had to declare myself as A US citizen 4 times. We got to Margot and Dans house around 4 or 5. She was very excited to have Tamone, Amy was crying the last 30 miles into town. It is for the best. Tamone will get loads of attention there. With the dogs and busy life's he got very little attention here. After that we got some dinner and took off for Mt. Laguna to meet my folks that were already up there for some camping. Amy wanted to give camping under the stars a shot. We got there just after sunset made a fire and had a great chat with M&D. D even kept his political talk to a minimum this time. M must be after him for that. Although i do love to hear opinions on how the government should be ran almost as much as sanding stucco..... Almost. We made it through the night. It never got very cool at night and my 25 deg bag was overkill. The next morning Amy wanted to get home but i was able to talk her and D into a "3 mile ride".

For your entertainment... the trip, Amy Tamone and Margot.

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