Friday, July 23, 2010

Strange cool day


Today was a strange cool by Arizona summer standards cool day. It was like 95 and overcast. The perfect day to get out in the middle of the day. I went out to try out some of my new bags. I got all the bags loaded with all the junk I may take on a 2 day trip including food and a stove. The bike and the bags worked great! I think i fixed all the little issues i had with the first burrito bag. It held tight, no wiggles even on tough, rocky, tight single. I rode from the market to park ave. east over to the new trail to S&M to the quarts pile through the park to the arena and back out on 18. It was great to get out during the day time. I also got out yesterday, but it was like 100. Still nice for AZ summer.

For your entertainment..... A jumping cactus ball in my leg, my bike and new bag, and a few clips of video taken over the last few weeks.

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