Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday night ride 7/21/10


Got out with the always fun Dairy guys again last night. I always have fun with them. We got a small break in the heat last night. Storms threatened so it cooled down to 104. It is amazing what another 4 or 5 degrees can do to you. A good strong tailwind helped quite a bit. We did fins to secret and back. I showed the guys the urban assault return trip through Estrella. Not sure if it is new or if i never noticed before but there is a big red no trespassing sign by the swing gate that leads onto the dirt access road behind the golf corse that leads into the fairways. Harvy, is that new or have i never noticed it? Anyway, we got something like 13.5 miles. Was fun.

For your entertainment.... A few pictures from last night.

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