Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fireworks show


Things have been quiet the last few days. It is real hot and it is very hard to drag yourself outdoors when it is over 100. Summertime in the desert is a great time to regroup and get ready for fall, winter, and spring. I have gotten the garage ready to work in again. I am going to make Rodney a new 29er Helmsley. Pete came over yesterday and we finnished his "bumper dumper" for his jeep. I got out a few times this week to ride the bike. I have decided that i am going back to the tour divide again next year. It is hard to watch all the people i was riding with finnish and i feel my 1/3 life crises can't end till I complete the entire route. Other things.. I ordered a spot tracker off of ebay, so soon you can track even my most boring of rides.

For your entertainment.... The best thing about working as a paramedic is that you get payed to attend events others take time off of work to attend. Our truck did the fireworks standby. I got some great shots. I have never gotten closer to the action. was cool. And, if it loads. I may or may not have fallen into the canal on my way to work the other day. Watch and see.

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